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Jonathan McInnis Interview Part I: So you want a headshot?

From the Editor: So many people struggle finding a quality headshot photographer. It's the bane of an actor's existence. Maybe it's the quality, the photo is bland, or they are way too expensive for you. This is why I am blessed to know headshot photographers like Jonathan McInnis. To say his work is stunning would be an understatement. He has a genuine affect on every client he works with that allows them to open up and be their true selves. This is what a headshot is about. I know how important headshots are to all of you, so here is Part I of a three installment series devoted to headshots. Keep updated the next three weeks!
Where to start?
We have all been there googling for headshot photographers. It is daunting. What are things to look for when researching for a photographer?
JM: Look for a website and blog that is actively updated. That is such a good sign. I'm working to find more time to be able to steadily update my blog. That is why I steadily update my Faceboo…
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Special Information for Actors on Sexual Harrasment and Assault

Before I start discussing this extremely heated topic I would like to make a disclaimer. I promise I have not shared any information that has not been carefully researched and verified by reliable sources. This article is to inform actors of their legal rights, what steps they should take to protect themselves and hopefully win their case, and what resources are available to you to get help. If you need help there is a phone number you can call from the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline from The number is 800-656-HOPE (4673). A highly trained representative from your area will assist you, with confidentiality, in letting you know the steps you need to take and what laws you need to pay attention to for your area. I am not a professional so this is why I have sources. Some of this might seem like common sense but it's still worth a read.

Enough is enough.

It is not news to any of you that there is a reckoning happening in our society all over the world. Women and …

Daisy Prince: Loving the Music

Editors Note:
I am very excited to introduce my first interview series guest, the incredible Daisy Prince. I was extremely fortunate to have Daisy as my professor in New York City at the Tepper Program with Syracuse University. Her credits include performing in Pal Joey (1995), The Petrified Prince (1994) and Follies (1985) Off Broadway and Merrily We Roll Along (1981) on Broadway. Her director credits include The Last Five Years (2002) and Songs for a New World (1995). It is extremely exciting for me to share Daisy's wisdom in music with you today. Enjoy!
When did you decide you wanted to perform and direct?
I come from generations of professional Musicians, Directors, and Writers. Doing something in the performing arts seemed inevitable. On my mother's side, my grandfather was an Arranger and Composer for MGM and Columbia during the golden age of movie musicals. He then became an executive producer for movies including The Sound of Music and West Side Story. My mother's m…

The Acting Lifestyle: Exciting things to come!

I am so excited to announce that my blog has reached over 500 readers and over 1500 views. It may seem like a small number right now in this age of Facebook and Instagram likes but it is a big deal for me.

I wanted to let you know some exciting things coming up this season with The Acting Lifestyle. As I perform with more actors in the area and get to know more people in the industry, I am starting to realize just how many did not get any sort of theatre training, degree, or grow up doing any dance classes or voice lessons. They just started performing from the sheer love of theatre. These people amaze me. It's that raw talent that is unstoppable and joyful to watch because you know they are performing because they love to. However I feel these actors are at a disadvantage at times simply because they do not know all the insider tips that you learn in a training program or university. I see actors not know how to formulate a resume, pick a headshot, go to an audition with auditi…

Avoiding Acne and loving your Skin this Holiday Season.

Dear fellow actor, Stop talking bad about yourself at auditions.

We all know that person. Maybe we are that person.

We freak out, we get insecure, we compare ourselves, and the negative talk begins.

For example:

"Everyone is better than me in this room and I just feel honored to be here!"

"I'm an awful dancer but I'm going to crush the singing portion."

"I'm just terrible at [insert skill here]. I'm just being realistic."

"Oh my god that was awful, I'm so not going to get it!"

Real quotes that I have heard at auditions this past year. Not dramatized. Not exaggerated. Real quotes.

Not only was this annoying to everyone in the room, it was embarrassing for the actor. They reeked of desperation, self deprecation, and insecurities. It showed their flaws in the worst of ways. So why do I think actors do this?

1. They are too busy comparing themselves.

You need to stop. Stop looking at everyone else and focus on you. Once I started doing this I did much better at all auditions. I wonder why…

Let's talk about type.

It is probably something all of us in theatre have struggled with at some point.

"What is my type?"

This is what we have learned as we have studied theatre. There are types of characters and roles that exist in theatre and you may fit best in one type over another. Types include leading lady, ingénue, villain, jokester, best friend, etc. I am pretty sure you get the picture.

Knowing your type is incredibly important to increase your chances of nailing certain roles. If you are clearly not an ingénue (think princess) and are more a mother then you probably should go for the mother. Duh. It makes sense.

Unfortunately I am seeing fellow young actors distress themselves over type. Like to the point that worries me. Recently I was helping quite a few students choose headshots since I just came back from New York and took a lot of notes on choosing headshots from people in the industry so they were asking me advice. One thing I kept asking them was "What do you consider y…