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Let's talk about type.

It is probably something all of us in theatre have struggled with at some point.

"What is my type?"

This is what we have learned as we have studied theatre. There are types of characters and roles that exist in theatre and you may fit best in one type over another. Types include leading lady, ingénue, villain, jokester, best friend, etc. I am pretty sure you get the picture.

Knowing your type is incredibly important to increase your chances of nailing certain roles. If you are clearly not an ingénue (think princess) and are more a mother then you probably should go for the mother. Duh. It makes sense.

Unfortunately I am seeing fellow young actors distress themselves over type. Like to the point that worries me. Recently I was helping quite a few students choose headshots since I just came back from New York and took a lot of notes on choosing headshots from people in the industry so they were asking me advice. One thing I kept asking them was "What do you consider y…