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Can I truly enjoy a show while being an actor?

It's a curse. It's a myth all too true.

Being an actor ruins shows.

We are like the hipsters in the coffee world. We don't like the mainstream coffee like Starbucks, we like the artisan, backwoods, home brewed coffee that you can only get two weeks out of the year. Maybe it's because actors are often times giving off this hipster vibe, but we are very particular when it comes to our craft. Let me tell you it ruins shows. Here are some the reasons why actors make critical audience members.
Disclaimer: Us actors are VERY supportive of our fellow actors. The thoughts below are just some of the thoughts we might experience as an audience member. However overall the people usually clapping and cheering the loudest are probably going to be actors, and that's no matter what the show is.

1. I think I could do better than that actor. To be honest at times we are probably right. In fact it shocked me how many actors on Broadway  Lots of politics go into casting so that certai…

Body Image: The actor's struggle to meet the demands of an industry.

"I'm not interested in casting a weird in between. Either you need to be really skinny or really big."

This was stated by a New York casting director. Grant it, he does not speak for everyone in the industry. He also has every right to cast who he wants and do his job the best of his ability. However the representation for body inclusivity is actually growing with more and more casting directors, writers, and producers realizing the absolute ridiculousness of that statement. With the statement above being said a few months ago I realize the fight for body positivity is far from over. Before I go further with this, I am not one of those people who believe you should ignore alarming health concerns. I do not believe that is what the body positivity movement is about, but many people believe that's what it means. I do not agree. Just had to put that out there.

I am a normal BMI. For my height I am exactly normal. I am neither below my weight minimum nor above my weight…

The Theatre is my Cathedral

Why do you do what you love?

I feel like my family has always been in touch with this key question. Since I was very young my parents have always told me "Do a job that you will love getting up every day for." My dad is a passionate biology professor, receiving opportunities to travel the world and observe animals are his passions. My mom teaches freshman biology labs guiding students (sometimes with tough love) through their first year of college. They both  love their jobs. But their was something behind it that fueled them and what I think makes their work high quality is that they are doing it for God. They back up science with the Bible, they show how we are stewards of the earth, and they inspire young men and women to share their knowledge of creation with the earth as Christians (in a world where teaching evolution and believing in Christ do not often go hand in hand).

I experienced this in my industry in New York this year. After being at ACU for three and a half …