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Audition Season: Be proud of yourself!

The hardest thing about an audition is entering the room itself.

It is hard work to get to an audition. First you have to find an audition you are qualified for. You have to search through the database of auditions, find a show that fits your type, look, or just a show that you would like to do. Then you must fill out all the papers that have to be submitted electronically, see what is required to prepare, and then find an audition slot that will fit your schedule. If you don't have your headshots and resume printed, you have to get that done ASAP, staple or print it perfectly and put it in the front of your audition book.

Day of the audition: Wake up, warm up, run through your song/monologue. If it's a dance call you have to go through that barre class. Then it's hair and make up and an outfit that would look subtly like the character you would go for with a balance of not trying too hard.

Hour of the Audition: Then it's finding the random building, the random floo…