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To the Seniors on their last first week of college.

I know how excited you are.

And also how very tired you must be. You have worked so hard to make it to this year. So here are a few things that I wanted to give you before you hit the ground running.

1. It is okay to have senioritis.

Because without this you will not be nearly as excited, elated, or relieved when you graduate. This is healthy because it is preparing you for moving on to bigger and better things in life instead of dwelling on your years in school (remember those people who couldn't stop talking about high school and how annoying they were). You are over college and that is fine. It just means you are starting to prepare yourself to go off into the world.

2. Your friends will most likely change a bit.

This was a hard one for me. My circle of friends has significantly changed since graduating, but I promise you it is for the greater good. In school we are forced to be around people in classes, shows, sororities/fraternities, and we have to get along with them because …