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Acting is a Business: Facts about the best employment rates actors need to know.

Disclaimer: The following could possibly be depressing information if you live in these areas and could cause you to question to move to another city. Carry on!

No one seems to pay attention to business facts and logistics when it comes to acting.

More and more I am seeing actors who have no retirement accounts (you should have one at least by 25), no savings, loads of debt, doing low paying jobs they don't have to do all for the sake of "living the dream". They think moving to New York and Los Angeles is all there is. They think that you HAVE to be poor to someday make it big. And yet, they haven't had an actual acting job that pays a living wage in 5 years. So is it that they aren't talented and are not working hard enough?

The answer to that is a big fat NO!

And let me tell you why.

How can you see someone's talent if there are literally thousands of actors in the same room that you have to choose for one role? How are those great odds? Sure there is …
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Christina Kudlicki Hoth: Her Dedication to DFW Theatre

When it comes to choreographers, you know as an actor who has a natural instinct for this career. They can't just focus on the movement. It's about formations, functionality, but more importantly it's about the story being told through movement. It's rare to find a choreographer who incorporates all of those elements to really enhance a production.

Christina Kudlicki Hoth is one of those rare gems.

But as gems often do, it has taken years for her to become one of the most sought after choreographers here in DFW.

Christina has been dancing in Dallas Ft. Worth for 27 years. "I grew up dancing doing, studio work and theatre primarily through school. I didn't do community theatre work until college while I was getting my dance degree. It kind of fed my need to do the singing and acting side while my main focus thirty hours a week was on dance." Before her "return" to theatre, Christina claimed numerous national awards for choreography in the compe…

A Year Out of College: Lessons learned

One year.

One year out of school. One year away from New York.

One full year of Adulthood.

Where do I begin?

It has gone by too fast. It has been an adventure, and it is just the beginning.

I have been in three full fantastic productions, a living room concert, a staged reading and have made it through countless callbacks and auditions. I have made lifelong friends and found a supportive church family. I have found a home in Dallas. This city has surprised me in so many ways. It is more metropolitan than it is given credit for. It has a thriving community of theatre and actors that impress me more everyday. It has jobs for actors of all stages of life. Some more experienced than others. It's perfect to become more experienced and learn from amazing directors in this business.

But it hasn't been easy all the time.

I've moved on from a city that I truly loved and still hope someday to go back to. I moved on from friendships that were toxic, which was the hardest thing …

Audition Season: Be proud of yourself!

The hardest thing about an audition is entering the room itself.

It is hard work to get to an audition. First you have to find an audition you are qualified for. You have to search through the database of auditions, find a show that fits your type, look, or just a show that you would like to do. Then you must fill out all the papers that have to be submitted electronically, see what is required to prepare, and then find an audition slot that will fit your schedule. If you don't have your headshots and resume printed, you have to get that done ASAP, staple or print it perfectly and put it in the front of your audition book.

Day of the audition: Wake up, warm up, run through your song/monologue. If it's a dance call you have to go through that barre class. Then it's hair and make up and an outfit that would look subtly like the character you would go for with a balance of not trying too hard.

Hour of the Audition: Then it's finding the random building, the random floo…

Ashley H. White: Finding a Home in Directing

The DFW theatre industry is growing larger and more diverse. Growth can mean change and excitement but it can also mean big changes that force theatres to take risks. Ashley H. White and Joe Messina's new theater company, Imprint Theatreworks takes big and exciting risks as it emerges in a growing and competitive industry. If any of you saw their first performance of Glengarry Glen Ross you know that this is a company to be reckoned with. Ashley H. White's direction was daring, thoughtful and accurate to David Mamet's incredibly difficult style, yet she executed it with confidence as only a seasoned professional could. I couldn't wait to sit down with her and share her story with you.

If any of you know Ashley H. White you know that she is confident. The kind of confidence that makes you sit up a little straighter. But Ashley is also extremely humble. She credits her team and support system around her and she also is open about her struggles in the industry. Clearly sh…

How I get through the month without breaking the bank

Hey amazing artists! Over the course of a few years I have been asked several times how I remain financially stable while getting through school and now rehearsals with a full time job. I'm not going to lie, my parents have given me a very privileged lifestyle but after I graduated high school I did try to cover most tuition and expenses on my own. So throughout my high school, college and (very short) adulting life, I have always been really frugal with my money. Sometimes I do go a little overboard on some things but for the most part I don't spend as much as my millennial counterparts. I am going to go through my budget with you today to give you just an idea of what I personally am spending, and give you a good idea of what my finance professor would probably tell you to spend. This is going to be really accurate thanks to my Mint App that automatically tracks, and categorizes my spending (and also scolds me if I spend too much). For some of these I will not give you an exa…

Jonathan McInnis Interview Part III: Printing and choosing your headshot!

Okay you now have your headshots taken, now what? Who else has been completely overwhelmed by the decision process of choosing which headshot is best for you? How important is it to print professionally versus your average Walgreens print (not hating on Walgreens by any means!) Let's find out more in our final installment from our favorite photographer, Jonathan!

In terms of printing,

JM: You can ask your printer if they calibrate their printers and software for accurate colors. You're doing a disservice to yourself to just go to a commercial consumer print shop and print it on the kiosk, which more than likely, has never been calibrated before. Printing is an art form in itself. You might have super contrasting photos with a green tint and you print out looking like an ogre. When your photographer and editor take the time to produce accurate skin tones, you're doing them, and yourself, a disservice by printing them on non-calibrated equipment.

Is it important what you print…