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Christina Kudlicki Hoth: Her Dedication to DFW Theatre

When it comes to choreographers, you know as an actor who has a natural instinct for this career. They can't just focus on the movement. It's about formations, functionality, but more importantly it's about the story being told through movement. It's rare to find a choreographer who incorporates all of those elements to really enhance a production.

Christina Kudlicki Hoth is one of those rare gems.

But as gems often do, it has taken years for her to become one of the most sought after choreographers here in DFW.

Christina has been dancing in Dallas Ft. Worth for 27 years. "I grew up dancing doing, studio work and theatre primarily through school. I didn't do community theatre work until college while I was getting my dance degree. It kind of fed my need to do the singing and acting side while my main focus thirty hours a week was on dance." Before her "return" to theatre, Christina claimed numerous national awards for choreography in the compe…

A Year Out of College: Lessons learned

One year.

One year out of school. One year away from New York.

One full year of Adulthood.

Where do I begin?

It has gone by too fast. It has been an adventure, and it is just the beginning.

I have been in three full fantastic productions, a living room concert, a staged reading and have made it through countless callbacks and auditions. I have made lifelong friends and found a supportive church family. I have found a home in Dallas. This city has surprised me in so many ways. It is more metropolitan than it is given credit for. It has a thriving community of theatre and actors that impress me more everyday. It has jobs for actors of all stages of life. Some more experienced than others. It's perfect to become more experienced and learn from amazing directors in this business.

But it hasn't been easy all the time.

I've moved on from a city that I truly loved and still hope someday to go back to. I moved on from friendships that were toxic, which was the hardest thing …