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Avoiding Acne and loving your Skin this Holiday Season.

Got headshots coming up? Or an on camera audition? Maybe a performance in a black box space where you are two feet away from the audience? You are ready for your show, (or whatever else you need to look fabulous for) you look in the mirror and there you have it. Dark bags under your eyes, and a big, fat pimple.

There are so many reasons for acne to show up. Many reasons are completely out of your control especially when it comes to hormones. However, I have seen many people sabotaging their beautiful healthy skin and they constantly say "No matter what I do I cannot seem to get rid of acne!" Some of these people spend hundreds of dollars on products they wouldn't need if they adopted healthy habits. I have been blessed with amazing skin but I also have been meticulous about taking care of it my entire life. For this blog I will give you some tips on how to get healthier looking skin and also promote some of the products that I adore. Bear in mind everyone is different. Some products will not work with your skin. If you have your own tried and true skin care products you would like to promote that works with your skin texture, please comment below and let the other readers know! Options are appreciated.

1. Sleep, sleep, sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!
I know I have told you this before, but our society has got to stop thinking that sleep can be put off. Sleep affects your entire body, especially your skin. Have you ever been told "You look tired!" Yep. Probably because you put off sleep. Sleep releases valuable repair signals to your skin but only at a certain cycle of sleep. If you don't get at least 6 hours of sleep then odds are you will look tired and acne is bound to flair up. Even 6 hours is low. Go for 8 for a week and just see how your skin looks. I guarantee you'll see a difference. No skin product replaces sleep.

2. Eat better.
I know quite a few people who lighten it up on the dairy to clear up their acne. While this has never been an issue for me it has helped others. Avoid oily food, especially fried food. Drink plenty of water to plump up your skin with plenty of hydration. Have a problem giving up soda? Try La Croix. (Pronounced Cwa, not Croy because it's French.) It's just sparkling flavored water with zero sodium, zero sugars and artificial sweeteners, and all natural flavor. Love it and it makes me feel like I am giving myself a treat because it tastes so good.

3. Clean your face better!
No matter how many make up remover brands I use, nothing removes make up in one wash. This is why I clean my face twice at night and once in the morning. I use Garnier Micellar water to remove make up (also use the pharmacy equivalent since it's the same and cheaper) and Clean and Clear Sensitive Skin Toner to do the rest of the dirty work. Lots of people have their opinions about toner either working or being too harsh, but it has worked for me. No matter how clean I think my face is, somehow the toner always gets even more make up off. Insane. An all natural alternative to these two products is Cortas Rose Water ($1.94 at Central Market) and Simple Toner. I have used all four and I love them. In the morning I clean my face in the shower with an exfoliating product to remove dead skin. I adore  St. Ives Green Tea scrub or their Oatmeal scrub. It's so cheap and all natural. NEVER use anything with micro beads. They are plastic and are polluting water ways.

4. Wear Sunscreen. 
The time for real tanning has ended. Faux tan all you want. Say you are immune because your skin is darker, (a myth that needs to go away) but you are kidding yourself if you think that it is not damaging your skin in some way. The sun does kill bacteria that causes acne but it also harms good bacteria in the process. This good bacteria often fights bad bacteria that causes acne so it can have negative consequences. The sun causes wrinkles and makes you look older sooner than later. You already know the cancer risk so I'm going to appeal to your vanity. As a child my mother would put Olay SPF Sunscreen Facial Lotion on my face every single day and I continue to follow that practice today. I will use Olay in the months the sun is not as strong underneath my make up and use a higher SPF on sunnier days. My sister found a wonderful all natural sunscreen lotion called Australian Gold that truly is GOLD. It's animal friendly, paraben free, reef friendly, all natural goodness AND it smells wonderful. So amazing. They have a tinted facial lotion and Mineral Sunscreen. Isabel is using the tinted version and it looks wonderful. Don't be scared by the color because it truly does not show up. It's more like a BB cream than foundation. I'm using the non-tinted sunscreen and with an SPF of 30 and for added protection I am also using it on my arms as well. Don't be na├»ve about the sun.

5. Moisturize your face with anti aging products.
You are never too young to start the anti aging fight. Be careful with false promises, not all creams will erase wrinkles but they can prevent them for a long time. My mother is an example of this. No one ever guesses her age correctly and she credits it to her Olay Night Cream. I love the product but it is a little heavy on my skin.
Right now I am using Andalou's Anti Aging Night Cream. All natural and has not broke me out once. Lovely scents to choose from as well.
I have tried Dead Sea Mineral's night cream and it's great with really cold weather like I experienced in New York. Again this is all trial and error! Find your own favorite product that fits you. Want that dewy daytime look? Then oh my goodness use Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel. Out of all these products, this is the one I splurge on. One time a roommate commented "You look so good without makeup! You look fresh!" I credit it all to the Hydro Boost Gel. There are other cheaper versions including Garnier but I'm too scared to move away from Neutrogena so if you have tested this let me know! Remember to moisturize your neck as well! The face, hands and neck are the best indicators of age.


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