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The Acting Lifestyle: Exciting things to come!

I am so excited to announce that my blog has reached over 500 readers and over 1500 views. It may seem like a small number right now in this age of Facebook and Instagram likes but it is a big deal for me.

I wanted to let you know some exciting things coming up this season with The Acting Lifestyle. As I perform with more actors in the area and get to know more people in the industry, I am starting to realize just how many did not get any sort of theatre training, degree, or grow up doing any dance classes or voice lessons. They just started performing from the sheer love of theatre. These people amaze me. It's that raw talent that is unstoppable and joyful to watch because you know they are performing because they love to. However I feel these actors are at a disadvantage at times simply because they do not know all the insider tips that you learn in a training program or university. I see actors not know how to formulate a resume, pick a headshot, go to an audition with audition etiquette, or sing a song like they would perform a monologue. I feel that it is one of the many barriers that theatre has to keep actors away from the professional theatres and hiding potential talent away in small, outback community theatres when they have the potential to shine professionally.

It is with that hope that I am happy to announce The Acting Lifestyle Interview Series with amazing professionals in the industry! I will be interviewing headshot photographers, casting directors, directors, voice teachers, and fellow actors to bring valuable advice, insight and encouragement to all the performers out there who just need a little more information and push to pursue this career. We will be talking about what makes a great headshot, how to kill an audition and how to be more comfortable with who you are as an actor.

Hopefully these interviews will be posted in the next few weeks so please keep sharing, keep commenting on social media and keep reading.

Lots of love to my fellow Thespians.

Yours truly,

Victoria Lee


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